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You can not kill what you did not create.

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a.k.a. fare_lady
6 June
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Hello :) My name is Tanya and this is my half-graphic journal,haha.
My first lj is fare_lady
I'm 20 years old. Old. lol.
I live in Russia and I don't really like my life, haha.

Umm..I like photoshop!! xD It's sort of my hobby.

And just a few delirious words about me:
I love
- movies (Into the wild, The girl on the bridge, Last Days)
- music (Vanessa Paradis, Pagoda)
- books (The Catcher in the rye, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas)
- Ireland, Puerto Rico
- photography
- languages
- smiles

I hate
- cruelty and unfairness
- stupid people
- I don't know what else lol

But actually I don't like to write about myself :D I always screw it up.

So just add me if you want to and if you're interested in me in some ways :)

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Social capital

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